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Center of Mediterranean Security is established as a research center of BAU Cyprus

Center of Mediterranean Security is established as a research center of BAU Cyprus

  • Center of Mediterranean Security (CEMES BAU Cyprus) is established as a research center of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University

For the long time Mediterranean region where Cyprus is located in the heart of, has been centre of attraction for the actors who are in the geopolitical and geo-economical rivalry and who are expecting to reach aim of survival plus (means both survival and better life conditions). These are the conditions turning Mediterranean to the sea of opportunity and security cooperation as well as sea of risks and geostrategic rivalry. That is why analysing root causes of security dilemma in the region and drawing ways of cooperation to overcome or under present and future security dilemmas gain both academic, political and social importance.

Besides during the last couple of decades certain geopolitical changes occurred in the Mediterranean region (like changes in the regional balance of power, changes in the military balance, civil wars, armed and non-armed conflicts among regional actors, demographic changes, issues of armament and disarmament, military interventions and great power involvement) as a result of ending of the Cold War, success and failure of Western projects designed for the region, Arab Spring and Winter and ongoing civil and regional wars. All these changes are overlapping with the regional geo-economical developments (competition of different trade route projects, discovery of new energy resources, forms and energy routes, increase of demand of civilian nuclear energy among the regional actors, changes in energy and economic policies of great powers penetrating the region, rise and fall of idea and opportunity of trade-peace, and changes in issue-based power of regional actors). No body denies that this overlap creates suitable ground for both negative (destabilising) and positive (stabilising) linkages between geopolitical and geoeconomical issues in the Mediterranean.

Within this context and under the impact of recent regional developments which has both stabilising and destabilising capacity, Bahçeşehir Cyprus University decided to establish a new research center dedicating to study and analyse causes, instruments and possible remedies of regional conflicts and forms of cooperation in the region of broader Mediterranean.  We are happy to announce that Center of Mediterranean Security (CEMES BAU Cyprus) was established in Spring 2018 and its focus would be geopolitical and geoeconomical developments, projects and institutionalised and non-institutionalised cooperation in the area ranging from Gibraltar to the Gulf and covering both sides of Mediterranean- South Europe and North Africa-.

According to the Director of CEMES BAU Cyprus , Prof. Dr. Nurşin Ateşoğlu Güney (@nursinatesoglu /@iisb_bau_Cyprus / Cemes_Bau_Cy), CEMES hopefully contributes positive linkages and cooperative frameworks by providing insightful analysis and related suggestions about geopolitical and geoeconomical risks and opportunities in the regional basin of broader Mediterranean -which now connects the East, the West, the North and the South.