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Faculty of Engineering & Architecture

The aim of this faculty is to train architects and engineers who are able to meet the requirements of the era, who take into account human, nature and structured environmental balances, who produce creative and scientific solutions to the problems of the world we live in taking into account universal values, and who have leadership skills, self-confidence, and entrepreneurial professional responsibilities and who are innovative. In our ever-growing world, people's living spaces and forms are constantly changing and developing with the influence of the development in technology. As Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, we aim to educate individuals who are intellectually equipped and conscious of computer and information technologies in the design process considering all these changes and developments. Our faculty’s aim is to offer different and outstanding education opportunity which will bring the students, who are emphasizing scientific research and development, abilities such as problem solving , creative thinking that will enable them to become "preferred professionals". Within the BAU global education network, that Bahçeşehir Cyprus University is a member, student and faculty exchange programs and joint scientific studies are carried out in the context of contemporary educational philosophy.    

- Architecture

- Civil Engineering

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