“BAU Tower is right at the heart of Nicosia-Dereboyu”

In Dereboyu Avenue there are many shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Bahçeşehir Cyprus University’s location is at the very centre of Nicosia. Here you are only a step away from many activities.

Experts in the field, professors, and researchers from Bahçeşehir University and from all around the world come to provide top quality education.

In addition to this, Bahçeşehir Cyprus University has the latest technologies, laboratories and classrooms which follows the modern educational developments and the technology and integrated into the education system.

BAU Cyprus has these facilities;

  • Library
  • Library Cafe
  • Computer Labs
  • Architecture Studios
  • BAU Global Library

BAU Cyprus offers a rich collection of textbooks, accompanied by a collection of scientific studies and publications to the students.

Here at the BAU Tower, the opportunity of education with the smart board-equipped classrooms and education in small groups is waiting for you.

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