Business Administration

The main purpose of a university education is to improve a student’s skills in problem solving and critical thinking. Our university acts with a goal to be universal and flexible, and provides our students with a wide range of elective courses which enable them to cope with not only with small-sized and local companies’ issues, but also with large-scale international companies’ problems.

The Department of Business Administration trains future administrators who can solve problems, think quickly, adopt to varying circumstances, make swift and sound decisions and apply them, and use their leadership characteristics in a field such as marketing, sales, human resources, or finance.


Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Despite only being around for the past 140 years, the discipline of Psychology is among the most important scientific fields of the 21st century.  Researches conducted in Psychology aim to bring together interdisciplinary methodologies that range from behavioral measures to neurobiological measures.

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University (BAUCy) Department of Psychology offers a four-year undergraduate degree. The psychology undergraduate degree program is designed to provide students with knowledge about the major theories of contemporary psychology and techniques. It introduces students to various subfields of Psychology and provides a comprehensive education in the field.

The program provides students with the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in psychological principles, code of professional conduct, theories and research methodologies. Based on this foundation BAUCy Psychology graduates are prepared to continue pursuing a specialized graduate degree program in various subfield of psychology such as Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, Forensic Psychology, Psychology of Health, Industry Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Sport Psychology, Educational Psychology, etc.). Moreover, the psychology undergraduate degree program curriculum offered by BAUCy is specifically designed to meet the standards of European Diploma in Psychology (EuroPsy) to ensure students receive internationally recognized diplomas which will enable them to practice psychology anywhere they choose to do so.

Political Science and International Relations

Political Science and International Relations cover a large variety of diverse areas such as: how states, organizations, and institutions interact at state and international levels; channels of communication and networks that have evolved through the process of globalisation; the foreign policies of states; democratization processes; political parties and electoral systems; state structures; national and international security; and the impacts on societies during these processes.

Who are we?

The Department of Political Science and International Relations at BAU Cyprus presents a unique experience for its students to hone their skills in Political Science and International Relations. The students who choose BAU Cyprus will find the opportunity to be taught by a wide range of skilled scholars with a long standing research expertise and teaching experience at prominent universities abroad.

What skills will students acquire throughout this course?

As our wide range of courses demonstrates, our daily lives always demand an understanding of fundamental politics and it exists on every aspect of modern day societies. In a nutshell, students who take these courses will be able to understand political theory theories of international relations, governance and political concepts, characteristics of leadership, governmental decisions, treaties, foreign policy initiatives, alliances, interventions and peace settlements; will be able to distinguish between different political governments and regimes; will learn specific political institutions and the ways they function. They will also find the opportunities to observe world politics in a globalizing world and its different applications. The complexity and variety of political phenomena, both in the past and in the contemporary world will be showcased and students will be given the necessary tools to understand, evaluate and critically analyze these complexities.

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