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Psychological Counselling and Guidance (PDR)

The main target of this programme is to educate students who will reinforce the development of personal, social, academic and career progress of individuals. In addition to this, we aim to train psychological professionals who will have the fundamental and necessary counselling skills that will equip them to work at counselling and guidance institutions.

Another purpose of the programme is to educate graduates who have creative and critical thinking skills which has a positive impact on the practices of Psychological Counselling and Guidance at National and International level. At the end of the programme, it is aimed to graduate high qualified psychological counsellors who will have leadership skills in their field.

Counsellors embrace lifelong learning and improvement which will support general well-being of someone in a positive way so this will have an influence on his/her every aspect of professional practice, individual life philosophy and perspective. Psychological counsellors make an effective use of acquired principles (emotional, physical and moral) and concepts in cognitive and psychosocial psychology regarding their personal life cycle. Occupational experts are aware of significant psychosocial and cultural factors on human development; therefore, they can suggest solutions for developmental disorders.

Psychological Counselling and Guidance Programme gives importance to multiculturalism concept and specific needs of diverse groups (religion, ethnic origin, political views, socioeconomic statue, language, sex, beliefs, age groups, disabled individuals) and takes action accordingly. Our undergraduate programme is tied to ethic rules and regulations that we act upon; informs authorities in case of ethical dilemmas and continues development of professional competency and progress according to mentioned rules and regulations. Also, we try to provide our graduates with knowledge of education systems, learning approaches and the factors that affect learning. In addition to this, we aim to ensure that our graduates develop a critical thinking approach to problems related to education.

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