In Computer Engineering program, it is aimed to train computer engineers who have the ability and knowledge to solve problems in the light of the basic concepts of mathematics, science and engineering sciences with the ethical and social awareness.The vision of Computer Engineering Program is to be a department that brings innovative approaches based on universal values in the national and international field.Computer engineers who will graduate from the program can be employed in public and private organizations that operate in many different sectors in Cyprus and abroad.

Some of these are banks, companies operating in the defense industry, hospitals, software companies, companies producing computer hardware, white goods and automotive companies, investment and financial institutions, telecommunication companies.


The Architecture program of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University aims to offer students an academic environment of communication, freedom and easy access to knowledge, creating a milieu where they could acquire the equipment, experience, ability and skills to practice good, contemporary architecture that deals with not only the basic requirements of the field such as functionality, arts, design and construction but also forms a universal, progressive approach in regards to environment and ever changing social demand.

Included in the curriculum are courses on design, history, theory, building technology, cultural / environmental sustainability, communication media, urban studies, and departmental electives as well as courses on related interdisciplinary fields.

The concept and structure of the program, aim to create awareness on the conditions and norms in which architecture is formed while developing students’ skills for critical thinking, evaluation, using alternative paths as significant components of education; learning / teaching process.

The structure of the program is designed to create awareness on the conditions and norms in which the field of architecture is based upon while developing students’ skills for critical thinking and evaluation. The concept of progressive education the program entails include alternative teaching methodologies that form a lively learning process while instilling necessary principles on the mind of the student.

Bahçeşehir campuses at central locations in Istanbul, Berlin and Rome and Cyprus create settings where cultural opportunities of the city centers, diverse dimensions of architecture and education exist on common grounds with the university facilities. Moreover, exploring world cities and architecture as a method of learning / teaching is encouraged through site trips, summer / winter school and exchange programs.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a wide ranging profession, including different sub-disciplines, structural engineering, management, materials science, geotechnical engineering, water resources, surveying, and transportation engineering.

The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering of BAU Cyprus is designed to prepare students for professional practice by equipping them with skills and abilities to handle problems in their professional life. In order to qualify as a successful student during the four-year undergraduate program, an interest in subjects such as mathematics, engineering, computer and environment is essential.

The Program Aim
The goal of the Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering is to ensure that graduates will have a fundamental engineering knowledge, problem solving skills, and team working skills in order to be employed by various organizations, including consulting/design firms, construction firms, governmental agencies, laboratories, law firms, insurance firms and colleges/universities as project engineers, surveyors, supervisors, managers, researchers and academicians.

The Educational Objectives That Graduates of The Bachelor of Science Degree In Civil Engineering To Have At The End Of The Program

Students who graduate from BAU Cyprus’s Civil Engineering Department are expected to

1. Have the ability to apply knowledge of science and engineering
2. Gain a knowledge of contemporary issues in civil and construction engineering
3. Have the ability to use modern civil engineering techniques, skills and tools
4. Have ability to communicate effectively and function on multidisciplinary teams
5. Earn an understanding of the necessity to engage in life-long learning
6. Acquire an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities
7. Achieve an understanding of leadership
8. Have an understanding of environmental sustainability and sustainable development
9. Have the ability to design for earthquake resistant structures
10. Have the ability to identify and solve transportation related problems all around the country

Career Opportunities

As a civil engineer, there is always a lot to do, as the skills of civil engineers are virtually always in high demand throughout many different industries. As the medium of instruction is English, graduates will have worldwide job and postgraduate study opportunities. Civil engineering education will give the students the skills, information, and experience to be able to work in different fields

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