Inst. Elif Yazıcı Başar

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences


Inst. Elif Yazıcı Başar

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

A. Education

Program University Degree Year
International Relations Cyprus International University Bachelor of Arts 2008
International Relations Cyprus International University Master of Arts 2011
International Relations Eastern Mediterranean University Ph.D. candidate

B. Work Experience

Program Position University Period
Psychology Lecturer Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 2022-now
Management Information System Lecturer Cyprus International University 2013-2014


C. Publications

Book chapter

Wojciech Forysinski, Elif Yazici Basar, The Middle East and the Refugee Crisis: towards a new Refugee Protection Regime? in: Wallas, at al., (eds), Beyond Europe Central Asia, the Middle East and Global Economy, (Logos Verlag Berlin, 2021), pp. 138-163.


D. Research Topics

  1. International Refugee Law
  2. Policy oriented approaches to international law
  3. New Haven school
  4. Humanitarian intervention
  5. Responsibility to protect(R2P)

The New Haven School views the law as "a continuing process of authoritative decision making.” The theory holds that the relation between law and policy is not only unavoidable but also necessary for international law to be more responsive to the emerging needs of international society. The international refugee protection regime, based on the 1951 International Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol, seems to be unable to address today’s refugee problems. The current regime is too narrow and to a degree obsolete and dis-functional since it excludes people who are fleeing war, natural disasters, famine, or simply climate change. The description of international law as an ‘ongoing process’ enables international actors to deal with policy factors openly and systematically, and this will strengthen the potential use of the R2P on behalf of the refugees.