The North Cyprus Minister of Economy and Energy, Olgun Amcaoğlu, accompanied with the Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry,  Hüseyin Amcaoğlu, who is running for Gönyeli-Alayköy Mayor representing UBP Party, visited our university.

In the visit, our Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Toycan and Secretary General, Mr. Mustafa Toycan, as well as many academic and administrative staff took part.

BAU Cyprus Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Toycan, made the opening speech and said “as a university, we will be in an endeavour to exhibit an open cooperation and an advanced social dialogue example to all segments of society with our academic and administrative staff in order to promote the cultural richness and historical heritage of our country.

Minister of Economy and Energy Olgun Amcaoğlu by referring to Bahçeşehir Cyprus University said “it is a university that I follow closely and that we are proud of. After his starting speech, Gönyeli- Alayköy Mayoral Candidate, Hüseyin Amcaoğlu expressed that he knows “the importance of universities for our city and country. An understanding of higher education integrated with the local people is a great gain for our community.” He continued by stating that if he wins the mayoral election, he “will be happy to work together on the projects that will be carried out with the university.” The importance of scientific studies to be carried out in line with the joint project objectives of the city and universities and the cooperation of local governments were also emphasized.

Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, our Rector extended his appreciations to Minister Olgun Amcaoğlu and Gönyeli-Alayköy Mayoral candidate Hüseyin Amcaoğlu for their visit to our university. The visit ended with a photo shoot with all participants.