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Bahçeşehir Cyprus University, one of the most dynamic universities in Northern Cyprus, which is advancing towards global education and international development, is located in Nicosia. Moved to its new Alayköy Campus in 2020, BAU Cyprus provides world-class education in the field of contemporary modern sciences. In addition, it has the latest technologies, laboratories, and classrooms that integrate them into the education system by following modern educational developments and technology.

Facilities located in BAU Cyprus

• Gastro Café
• Library
• Football Fields
• Tennis Courts
• Architecture Studios
• BAU Global Library
• Artificial Intelligence Lab
• Computer Labs
• Practical Courtroom

BAU Cyprus offers a rich collection of textbooks, accompanied by a collection of scientific studies and publications for the students.

Here at the BAU Cyprus Alayköy Campus, the opportunity of education with the smart board-equipped classrooms and education in small groups is waiting for you.

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