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Public Administration (PA) Program (M.A. non Thesis)

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Public Administration / Administrative Master Program

This program aims to provide the students that have undergraduate backgrounds not only of Political Science and Public Administration but also of various disciplines with the ability of studying and doing research on administrative issues such as structure and functions of state organization, administration fact, related to the ‘public’. PA/Administrative Science Graduate Program provides necessary inputs from economics politics, history fields and it focuses on analyzing administrative facts and processes. In this context, program is designed to provide students’ knowledge about theory and method; learn administrative behaviors, power, and authority issues; expand their research ability regarding administrative process as planning and reform, institutional dimension such as bureaucracy, civil administration system, regulatory agencies. Subjects can be strengthened by choosing subjects of other graduate programs about local governments and state theories. The language of education is English

Program Curriculum

Compulsory subjects are Public Administration Theories, Public Policy Analysis and Practices, Structural and Functional Problems of Public Administration, Research Methods.

Optinal subjects are Public Personnel System, Public Administration and Reform, Turkish Administrative History, State Science, Philosophy and Administration, Local Administration, Property, Land and Administration, Administration and Security, Administrative Law, Psychology of Administration, Bureaucracy Theories, Public Administration and Capitalism.

In addition, students are required to complete a graduation project.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • students possess knowledge about theory and practice in the field of Public Administration.
  • Students acquire ability of developing and expanding on actual information at an expert level. Also, they obtain capacity of accessing to original descriptions.
  • Students can independently pursue research that requires expertise in the field.
  • Students contribute to the solutions of social, scientific, cultural, and ethical issues at national and international levels.

Students can analyze social relations and norms guiding these relations with a critical perspective.


The proposed Public Administration Non-Thesis Master’s program consists of a total of 10 courses and a graduation project, with a total of not less than 30 local credits. 4 of the courses given within the program are compulsory and 6 of them are elective. In addition to midterm and final exams which measures students’ performance, learning activities such as reports, assignments, quizzes, research and presentations, and project are the criteria foreseen for the performance evaluation of the student during the semester.


For graduation, students are requiered to complete at least 30 local credits, finalize their graduation project successfully. Besides, they must have a weighted Grade Point Average of 3.0/4.00. The required period for the Public Administration/Management Science non-thesis master’s program is 3 semesters.

What makes us different

Public Administration Master’s program focuses on the state and administration, as the public cannot be administrated with business/market techniques. Since, when the state was abandoned, the administration also become unexplored. In this context, BAU Cyprus Public Administration Master’s program deals with every issue related to public administration and establishes its internal link with current developments. In addition, together with the Management Sciences and Public Policy Research Center (YÖPAM) operating within the BAU Cyprus, the information on the organization of the state administration will be brought to the attention of the relevant persons and institutions through research targeting the administrative field directly.

How to apply

The application process for Public Administration at BAU Cyprus is very easy. You can simply and safely share your personal information through our online application platform. After receiving a confirmation email with a link a copy of the following documents can be uploaded:


 Passport or EU identity card

High school diploma certificate with transcript. Please also submit an official translation of the diploma and transcript into English if they are in another language.

University certificate with transcript (if applicable). Please also submit an official translation of the diploma and transcript into English if they are in another language.

English language test certificate

Portfolio PDF with a minimum of 10 works

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program will have the opportunity to be employed in areas outside the public sector such as experts and managers in universities, state institutions and organizations in the field of public administration / management science, private sector, media, social organizations, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, research and think tanks. In addition, they will be able to come to the fore with their expertise in public administration and management sciences in promotions in bureaucracy. On the other hand, for the graduates of the thesis part of the program, they will be able to apply to doctoral programs for academic career purposes.

Faculty Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Bülent EVRE

Associate Professor Ahmet MAŞLAKÇI

Assistant Professor Aydın ATILGAN

Assistant Professor İsmail Bahadır TURAN

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