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Bahçeşehir Cyprus University, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences has 7 bachelor, 3 graduate and 3 doctorate programs.

Our bachelor programs are Business Administration, Political Science and International Relations and Psychology Departments approved by YÖK and YÖDAK, Banking & Finance and Management Information Systems are approved by YÖDAK; In addition, there are the Economics and Social Work departments, which were opened in 2022 and approved by YODAK. In addition, the Business Management program under the Vocational School is carried out in parallel with the Department of Business Administration in our Faculty.

In our Faculty, which aims to present theory and practice together with its expert staff; It is aimed to provide a contemporary education by integrating the current developments, globalization and digitalization into its programs.

Our Faculty, which offers international education with BAU Global, also gives our students the opportunity to choose courses in the fields they aim to specialize in. Thus, it also provides the opportunity to be qualified for the profession they will choose in the future while they are at the undergraduate level.

All of our undergraduate programs are conducted in English and an English proficiency exam is held to start education. Our students who will receive English language education are also given the right to receive language education and improve their English in 4 different countries in BAU Global language schools.

The first and second years of our programs are conducted in parallel, except for the introductory courses of the programs. Mainly in the 3rd and 4th years, the students were given the opportunity to specialize in different fields with the departmental elective courses.

Our students who have completed the Bachelor of Business Administration program have the right to receive a double degree with a job guarantee in Germany, within the framework of the Dual-up program at the Berlin International University of Applied Sciences, which is under the umbrella of BAU Global. Our university’s diplomas are also internationally recognized by Anabin in Germany and have become valid all over the world.

There are both master’s and doctoral programs in Business Administration, Political Science and International Relations and Public Administration under our faculty. Public Administration is taught in Turkish and other programs are taught in English. Especially in doctoral programs, the number of compulsory courses is limited to three, and our students are given the opportunity to specialize with elective course choices that offer theory and practice together and offer international specialization opportunities.

In addition to the developing and changing economic conjuncture and financial markets, within the framework of cooperation established with our stakeholders, there are also environments where the application also supports education and courses where students can gain experience in real institutions and organizations.

It is also aimed to open new departments such as accounting, blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in the near future. In addition, accreditation studies that will ensure international quality standards continue.

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