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Welcome to Bahçeşehir Cyprus University

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University (BAU Cyprus) initiated education in the 2017-2018 academic year
after receiving permission from local authorities for its establishment in 2016 to offer outstanding
educational programmes and to provide an embracing environment for academic creativity and the
development of leadership skills, instilling the concept of social responsibility, while respecting
diversity and multicultural understanding. BAU Cyprus is officially recognised by the Turkish Higher
Education Council (YOK) in Turkey, while all the programmes are accredited by the National
Education and the Higher Education Accreditation Commission (YODAK) of the Turkish Republic of
Northern Cyprus.

BAU Cyprus is a member of the BAU Global Education Network, which is comprised of several universities, Bahçeşehir University – Istanbul (main headquarter), Bay Atlantic University – Washington, Berlin International University of Applied Sciences – Berlin, BAU International University Batumi – Batumi, and Bahcesehir Cyprus University, Nicosia, which educate students from around the world in different undergraduate and graduate programmes. Its purpose is to provide the opportunity for students to benefit from academic means having an equal level, being located in different continents and countries, and getting an education on different campuses to enable them to have an international vision. All these institutions respect an identical principle; they meet the standards set forth by the local authorities and the world standards valued by independent accreditation bodies.
BAU Cyprus is constantly improving its educational infrastructure and academic staff to meet the latest world standards and to answer the demand of its increasing number of students, with the primary objective of preparing them for their future and equipping them with the creativity and leadership skills necessary for this millennium. In this regard, the university has been committed to embracing an environment for academic creativity and developing professional and societal skills while respecting diversity and multicultural understanding. BAU Cyprus provides multi-cultural activities for students through different social clubs. Student participation can contribute to the development of personal responsibility, moral values, cooperation, emotional maturity, self-discipline, social competence, individuality, leadership, and a realization of the value of group goals.


To be a liberal university that develops the boundaries of science, technology and art, provides utmost academic support to students to help them achieve their full potential in learning and progress, values and participates in regional and social development, provides a world-class education to its students and shapes the future by making a difference at a universal level.


To constantly renew itself, both personally and professionally, approach problems with a solution-oriented approach, respect human rights and diversity, be sensitive to nature and all living things around it, have a high awareness of social responsibility, be sensitive to local problems, have international competencies, be respectful to ethical and professional values, and be a university that educates broad-minded individuals who are open to multi-disciplined approaches and provides a world-class education in light of independent thinking.

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