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Dean of Students Office


Dear Students;

Welcome to Bahçeşehir Cyprus University!

As the Dean of Students Office, one of our most important missions is to listen to all the problems of our BAU Cyprus students, to pass on their wishes, requests, complaints and suggestions to the university administration and to establish a bridge between the student and the administration.

Our mission is to enable you to graduate from our university with academic qualifications and competence, as well as to grow as personal, cultural, social, innovative, creative and producing BAU Cyprus students.

As the Dean of Students Office, we aim to create all kinds of opportunities to enrich and facilitate your life at our university.

The student clubs run by our Dean’s Office will provide you with great opportunities for adding color and diversity to your life and discovering the potential within you.

Being a BAU Cyprus student is a privilege!

We wish you all endless success, and a happy and fruitful university life.



Listens to the problems of the students concerning their university life, seeks solutionsfor the problems in cooperation with the related administrative and academic units,
Functions in the fields of culture-art and sports,
Works to enhance the life quality of the students,
The unit fosters more active and productive learning environment for the students,
Executes the functioning of the clubs and associations, facilitates the organisation of theevents of the student clubs,
Guides groups of voluntary students and it enables the students to gain life skills,
Is a solution oriented unit where concerns regarding the quality of student life at theuniversity are listened, discussed and solutions are seeked.


Phone: +90 392 611 00 00 – 1007

Mobile: +90 533 880 02 28

e-mail: [email protected]