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Architecture PH.D.

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Architecture Program

At the end of the Doctoral Architecture program, candidates will have acquired skills, experience and knowledge in postdoctoral studies (research and teaching) or another related field of architecture. For this reason, the Architecture Doctorate Program trains candidates who have the necessary research skills not only to specialize in a subject, but also for an academic career in the field of architecture. Candidates in the architecture doctorate program aim to gain scientific research ability by using scientific methods with a broad and deep perspective. It is expected that the graduate candidates will carry out original and qualified studies that contribute to science, develop scientific methods or analyze with methods known in a special field. Candidates for the Architecture Doctorate Program can conduct their original studies focusing on issues related to design, sustainability, history, theory, city and environment.

Architecture Program curriculum

Architecture doctorate program consists of a total of 7 courses and thesis. The total credits of the courses are 21. In addition, candidates are expected to have successfully completed the non-credit seminar course. Candidates who have successfully completed the compulsory courses can start the thesis work with the approval of the institute after successfully completing the proficiency exam in two stages, oral and written. The normal duration of the program is 4 academic years (8 Half semesters) and consists of 240 ECTS. In order for the candidates to complete their thesis studies, it is obligatory to have made at least 1 publication in journals indexed by the Institute rules and the SCI, SSCI, A&HCI or SCI-Expanded indexes determined by YODAK, provided that it is produced from the doctoral thesis. Candidates applying to the program must have a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a master’s degree (with thesis). Candidates who graduated from other than the aforementioned programs may be required to take scientific preparation courses depending on their background. After the applicants submit the necessary documents to the Graduate Education Institute, the jury established by the Architecture Department is evaluated and the student who meets the sufficient conditions is entitled to enroll in the program.

Candidates for the Architecture Doctorate program can choose from the following subjects according to their interests;

  • Architectural Design and Theory
  • Universal Design
  • Architectural Psychology
  • Building and Construction Technology
  • Architectural History Theory and Criticism
  • Housing/Project Construction and Management
  • Restoration and Renovation
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Urban Design and Theory
  • Urban Transformation
  • Integrated Building Systems
  • Building Physics (Lighting, Acoustics, Energy)
  • Passive Systems
  • Smart Building
  • Definition, Protection and Improvement of Cultural Heritage
  • Materials
  • Structure
  • Landscape
  • And interdisciplinary issues related to similar fields.

Program Learning Outcomes

Architecture doctorate program aims to train specialist and researcher individuals with the following qualifications;

▪ Having the theoretical and professional equipment required by interdisciplinary studies

▪ Critical and multidimensional thinker

▪ Innovative, able to comprehend social and cultural dynamics

▪ Can address design and technologies in the field of architecture

▪ Able to criticize architecture with its intellectual and technological relations

▪ and people who can contribute to current studies in their field.


Students are required to be successful with at least a “B” grade from all the courses in the doctoral program and an ‘S’ grade in the seminar course. In addition, after completing the 21-credit courses, it is obligatory to get the grade of ‘S’ in the non-credit written and oral qualification Exam. Finally, the completed thesis must be defended orally in the defense jury.


The thesis final jury is appointed for the candidate who is successful in at least 3 thesis monitoring juries and gets the advisory approval regarding the completion of the thesis. In order for the thesis jury to be appointed, the candidate must have published an article in a journal indexed by SCI, SCI-Expanded, SSCI or AHCI, provided that it was produced from the doctoral thesis, or to have received at least one publication approval accepted for publication. (The principles of YODAK doctoral statute are taken into account). It is obligatory that the thesis final jury consists of 5 people, including the advisor, and that at least two people have been appointed from another university. The doctoral student is obliged to write the thesis in accordance with the thesis writing guidelines and other rules determined by the regulation of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University, Institute of Science and Social Sciences, and to defend the thesis orally in front of the jury. In line with the decision of the jury, the successful candidate gets the right to graduate by submitting his/her thesis to the institute.

What makes us different

The differentiating aspect of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Architecture Doctorate Program is; It aims to train experts and researchers who have the theoretical and professional equipment required by interdisciplinary studies, who can think critically and multidimensionally, who can comprehend innovative, social and cultural dynamics, who can criticize architecture with its intellectual and technological relations, and who can contribute to the current studies in the field. For this reason, within the program, it is aimed that students will have the ability to have a say on the architectural profession at an international level, integrated with contemporary culture, and human life and relations. In this direction, architectural issues are examined in many ways.

Career opportunities with the degree in PH.D. Architecture

Students who successfully complete the program will be entitled to receive the title of Doctor of Architecture (Ph.D.). Graduates of the program can pursue a career in the fields of Architecture and Construction, and at this point, they can take an active role in professional fields within the framework of the rules of the country they are citizens of/work. Individuals who graduate from the architecture doctorate program expand their employment areas according to their field of expertise. In addition, they can continue their academic careers at any university and have the ability to become an academician.

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