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Assist. Prof. Dr. Amal Mohammed Al Matarneh

Faculty of Architecture and Engineering

  • Group:Architecture and Engineering

Assist. Prof. Dr. Amal Mohammed Al Matarneh

Faculty of Architecture and Engineering

A. Education

Program University Degree Year
Math and Statistic Mutah University, Jordan Gradt. 2000
Mathematics Mutah University, Jordan Post Gradt. 2010
Mathematics Eastren Mediterranean Unıversity., N. Cyprus PHD 2021


B. Academic Titles

Title University Scientific Field Year
Assist. Prof. Dr. Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 2021



C. Work Experience

Program Position University Period
Mathematics Lecturer Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 2021- now
Mathematics Research Assitant Eastren Mediterranean Unıversity 2015-2021
Mathematics Lecturer Saudi Electronic University 2013-2014
Mathematics Lecturer Prince Sattam bin Abdelaziz University 2012-2013
Mathematics Lecturer King Saud University 2011-2012


D. Publications

Publications in International Refereed Journals (SCI & SSCI & Arts and Humanities)

  • Mahmodouv, N., Almatarneh, A., ” Stability of Ulam–Hyers and Existence of Solutions for Impulsive Time-Delay Semi-Linear Systems with Non-Permutable Matrices.” Journal of Mathematics and Phisics MDPI, Vol. 8, No. 4, 2019, p.1-17, Non linear Equations: Theory, Methods and Applications. Online ISSN: 2075-1680


Conference Publications

  • Almatarneh, A., ” Fractional Calculus and Applications “. 4th International Conference on Computational Mathematics and Engineering Sciences, Antalya, Turkey,2019
  • Almatarneh, A., ” Some Results on Boundary Value Problems for Nonlinear Impulsive Caputo–Hadamard-Type Fractional Differential Equations.”
  • International science and technology conference, Nicosia, N. Cyprus,2020


Research Topics

  1.  Research topics on the existence and uniqueness of solutions for a boundary value problem for nonlinear impulsive fractional differential equations with Caputo– Hadamard type fractional derivatives. The stability is also discussed. The arguments are based on the Banach contraction principle and Schaefer’s fixed-point theorem
  2.  Research topics on asymptotic and Ulam-Hyers stabilities in two cases linear and nonlinear time-delay systems of linear impulsive constrains are studied. The linear parts of the impulsive systems are defined by non-permutable matrices.
  3. Research topics on solution for linear impulsive delay systems with non-permutable matrices in explicit form, current notion of impulsive delayed matrix exponential is presented. Using the representation formula and norm estimation of impulsive delayed matrix exponential, sufficient conditions for the asymptotic and Ulam-Hyers stabilities are obtained.