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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Arca

Faculty of Architecture and Engineering

  • Group:Architecture and Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Arca

Faculty of Architecture and Engineering

A. Education

Program University Year
Elecrical and Electronic Engineering Univrsity of Arkansas, Fayetteville Undergraduate 2003
Electronics and Computer Engineering North Carolina State University Graduate 2005
Electrical and Electronics Engineering University of Nottingham PhD 2010


B. Academic Titles

Unvan University Scientific Field Year
Assist. Prof. Dr. Cyprus International University Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2011
Assoc. Prof. Dr. European University of Lefke Electronics and Electrical Engineering 2015
Prof. Dr.


C. Work Experience

Program Pozisyon / Position Üniversite / University Period
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Lecturer Cyprus International University 2010-2012
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lecturer European University of Lefke 2012-2020


D. Administrative Positions

Program Position University Period
Electronics and Communication Engineering Head of Department European University of Lefke 2013-2017


E. Supervised Thesis

  1. Master’s Degree

John Adetiba, “Detecting Surface Acoustic Waves using Surface Plasmon and Aerogel”, 2016


F. Publications

1. Publications listed under Web of Science (SSCI veya SCI-Expanded)

Arca A, “A plasmonic SAW Transducer”, Ultrasonics, VOL 57C, Volume 57, March 2015, Pages 50–56

Richard Smith, Fernando perez cota, Leonel Marques, Xuesheng Chen, Ahmet Arca, Kevin Webb, Jonathon Aylott, Michael Somekh, and Matthew Clark, “”Optically excited nanoscale ultrasonic transducers“, 2015

Ahmet Arca, Jon Aylott, Leonel Marques Matt Clark,  Mike Somekh, Richard Smith, Steve Sharples, Teti Stratoudaki and Xuesheng Chen, “CHOTs optical transducers”,  Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation,Vol 26, Issue 3-4, 2011.

A. Arca, M. Clark, M.G. Somekh, “Surface plasmon resonator: Design, construction, and observation in the farfield”. Journal of Applied Physics, Vol 108, No 10, 2010.

2. Conference Publications

Arca. A, Ademgil H, “Plasmonic acousto-optic transducer for high frequency surface acoustic waves”, Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU)  pp. 598-601, 2014

Ademgil H, Eze F,U, Arca A, Haxha S, “Dual core photonic crystal fiber based sensor”, Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU)  pp. 1102-1105, 2014

Stratoudaki T., Clark M, Somekh M, Arca A, “Cheap Optical Transducers (CHOTs) for generation and detection of longitudinal waves”. 2012 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), pp.961-964.

Smith R., Arca A., Chen X, Marques L., Clark M., Aylott J., Somekh M, “Design and fabrication of nanoscale ultrasonic transducers”, 10th Anglo-French Physical Acoustics Conference (AFPAC 2011), Journal of Physics Conference series, vol 353.

Richard Smith, Ahmet Arca, Xuesheng Chen, Leonel Marques,  Matt Clark , John Aylott, Mike Somekh, ” Design and fabrication of ultrasonic transducers with nanoscale

dimensions”, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol 278, 2011

A. Arca, T. Strataudaki, R. Smith, M. Clark and M. Somekh, “Evanescent CHOTs for the optical generation and detection of ultrahigh frequency SAWs”, GDR-AFPAC, Lake District UK 2011, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 269 (2011) 012012


G. Research Topics

  • Numerical analysis of Optical Systems. Design and optimization of optical systems in optical sensing and nondestructive testing & evaluation applications.
  • Communications and Network modelling and analysis. Numerical modelling of cloud systems and design and performance testnig of various network architectures, through server, user and trafiik modelling.
  • Numerical Anakylsis of Acousto-optical transducers. Numercial modelling optimization of coupled physics of acousto-optical transducers and their applications in bio-technology and nondestructive testing