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Inst. Mohammadhosein Masouminia

Faculty of Architecture and Engineering

  • Group:Architecture and Engineering

Inst. Mohammadhosein Masouminia

Faculty of Architecture and Engineering

A. Education

Program University Degree Year
Water Engineering Razi University Bachelor 2009
Civil Engineering Eastern Mediterranean University Master 2015
Civil Engineering Eastern Mediterranean University Doctorate In Process


B. Work Experience

Program Position University Period
Civil Engineering Lecturer Eastern Mediterranean University 2021 – 2022
Civil Engineering Lecturer Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 2022 – Now


C. Publications

 1. Publications listed under Web of Science (SSCI or SCI-Expanded)

a. Masouminia, M., and Türker, U. (2022). “Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Rigid Vegetation at an Inclined Bank, on Streamflow Hydrodynamics.” J. Fluids Eng. September 2022; 144(9): 091204. 

2. Conference Publications

a. Masouminia, M. H., Turker, U., and Fasihi, S. (2014). “Flow characteristics in 180 degree divergent” ACE 2014 11th international congress on advances in civil engineering, Istanbul, Turkey: 211

 3. Other Publications

a. Azari, A., Fasihi, S., Masouminia, M. H., and Akhond Ali, A. M. (2008). “Determination of the optimal cropping pattern of agronomic activities with respect to recent annual land planning in Eslamabad-e Gharb district” Optimal Cropping Pattern – Compendium of papers 1st National Cropping Pattern Consulting Symposium, Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture – Deputy for Plant Production Affairs, Iran: 171-189


G. Research Topics

Mohammadhosein Masouminia is broadly interested the behavior of complex flow systems far from equilibrium. In particular, a running theme in his research is the interaction between free surface flow and vegetation. He seeks both to understand the physical principles that govern the spontaneous emergence of low-dimensional structure in high-dimensional systems and to harness them for engineering applications. There are three main research topics which are studied by him.

  1. Turbulent Flows

Almost all the natural flows have a complex behavior that needs to be understood and investigate. Research topics: turbulence in two and three dimensions, with a focus on coherent structures and the geometry of turbulence; the transport of inertial, anisotropic, and active particles in turbulence; the erosion of granular beds by fluid flows and subsequent sediment transport.

  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has the wide range of applications in industrials as well as in hydraulic studies. Research topics: Eulerian and Lagrangian methods; Reynolds transport equations; phases interaction.

  1. Applied programing in civil engineering and hydraulics

The development and application of numerical models and high-performance computational techniques to the study of fundamental processes that influence the dynamics of the flow. Research topics: divergent dam; river; spillway.