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Prof. Dr. Frank Thompson Read

Faculty of Law

  • Experience:10
  • Group:Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Frank Thompson Read

Faculty of Law

A. Education

Program University Degree Year
Law Brigham Young University Undergraduate


S.J.D. Duke University S.J.D. 1963


B. Academic Titles

Title University Scientific Field Year
 Assist. Prof. Dr. Brigham Young Univeristy Law 1968
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Duke University Law 1970
Prof. Dr. Duke University law 1972


C. Publications

“LET THEM BE JUDGED” by Frank T. Read and Lucy S. McGough.Published in 1978 by The Scarecrow Press, Inc., Metuchen, N.J. & London

“READ’S FLORIDA EVIDENCE” by Frank T. Read and Gerald T. WetheringtonPublished in 1993 by Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, Aqueduct Building, Rochester, New York

“OKLAHOMA EVIDENCE HANDBOOK” by Frank T. ReadPublished in 1979 by The Oklahoma Bar Review, Inc., Norman, Oklahoma

“STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS IN LAW SCHOOL AND BEYOND” by Frank T. Read, Charles D. Cole and W. Scott Simpson.Published in 2010 by Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, Mustang, Oklahoma

“THE LAWYER MYTH A Defense of the American Legal Profession” by Frank T. Read and Rennard Strickland Published 2008 by Swallow Press/Ohio University Press, Athens, Ohio

Article Published in the Texas Law Reporter, Volume 2, Issue 9, September 1996 “To B(orrow) or Not To B(orrow)* The Law Student’s Dilemma.


D. Research Topics

Academic staff research interest should be listed here.

Human rights, transitional justice, public international law