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Assist. Prof. Dr.Fehiman Eminer

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences


Assist. Prof. Dr.Fehiman Eminer

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

A. Education

Program University Degree Year
Public Finance Istanbul University Bachelor 1994
Theory of Public Finance Marmara University Master 1997
Theory of Public Finance Marmara University PhD 2005


B. Academic Titles

Academic Title University  Scientific Field Year
Assist. Prof. Dr. European University of Lefke Economics 2011


C. Work Experience

Program Position  University Period
Economics Lecturer Near East University 2005 – 2011
Economics Lecturer European University of Lefke 2011 – 2022
Economics Lecturer Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 2022-


D. Administrative Positions

Program Position University Period
Economics Head of Department European University of Lefke 2012 – 2018


E. Supervised Thesis

1. Master’s Degree

a. Hawre Latif Majeed, The Impact of Oil Prices on the Iraqi Budget, 2016.

b. Adebayo Tomiwa Sunday, The Effect of Macroeconomic Variables on Investment in Nigeria, 2017.

c. Mavis Sırrı Ngwa, Employee Benefits and Its Impact on Employee Productivity: A Case Study of First Trust Bank Cameroon, 2018.

d. Ahmet Muratoğlu, Public Reform, Union, Political Resistance and Solution Proposals in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 2021.

e. Birsu Faruk, The Role of Tax Audit in Preventing Tax Evasion: A Study on Kyrenia Tax Office Taxpayers, 2022.

2. PhD

a. Mert Sanıl, Determinants of health expenditure in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 2022.
b. Soley Akçaba, A Hybrid Structure Based on Integrated SWOT Analysis with Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods: Geostrategic Energy Planning in Northern Cyprus, 2022.

F. Publications

1. Web of Science (SSCI veya SCI-Expanded) Publications listed under Web of Science (SSCI veya SCI-Expanded)

• Soley Akçaba and Fehiman Eminer, “Evaluation of strategic energy alternatives determined for Northern Cyprus with SWOT based MCDM integrated approach”, Energy Reports, Volume 8, November 2022, Pages 11022-1103.

• Soley Akçaba and Fehiman Eminer “Sustainable energy planning for the aspiration to transition from fossil energy to renewable energy in Northern Cyprus”. Heliyon, Volume 8, Issue 6, June 2022.

• Mert Sanıl and Fehiman Eminer, (2021) “An integrative model of patients’ perceived value of healthcare service quality in North Cyprus”. Archives of Public Health volume 79: 227

• Ahmet Ozyigit and Fehiman Eminer, “De-facto States and Aid Dependence: An Analysis of the Impact of Turkish Aid on the Economy of Northern Cyprus”, Uluslararasi Iliskiler, Advanced Online Publication, 5 October 2021, pp. 1-21, DOI

• Eminer, F. & O. V. Şafaklı (2014), “A Research on the Environmental Problems of Northern Cyprus”, Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology (JEPE), 15(2): 468-477.

• Özyiğit A. and Eminer, Fehiman (2011), “Bounds Test Approach to the Relationship between human capital and foreign direct investment as regressors of economic growth in Turkey” Applied Economics Letter, Volume 18, Issue 6, pages 561-565.

• Katircioglu, Salih & Eminer, Fehiman & Aga, Mehmet & Ozyigit, Ahmet, (2010), “Trade and Growth in the Pacific Islands – Empirical Evidence from the Bounds Test to Level Relationships and Granger Causality Tests,” Journal for Economic Forecasting, Institute for Economic Forecasting, vol. 0(4), pages 88-101.

2. Publications listed under Scopus

3. Publications listed under ULAKBIM

• Fehiman Eminer (2017), “Küreselleşmenin KİT’lerin Ekonomideki Payına Etkisi”, İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Araştırmaları Dergisi, 6: 6; 105-11.

• Eminer, Fehiman (2011), “2010-2012 Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti-Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ekonomik Protokolü: Toplumsal Cinsiyet Eşitliği Açısından Olası Etkilerinin Değerlendirilmesi”, Kadın/Woman 2000, Volume 11, Issue 2,

4. Conference Publications

• Ahmet Özyiğit, Mehmet Aga and Fehiman Eminer, (2007 ) “The Role of Universities on the Turkish Cypriot Economy: Higher Education as a Means of Promoting the Torism sector”, European Applied Business Research Conference, Padova-Venice, Italy June 4-7.

• Fehiman Eminer, Ahmet Özyiğit and Mehmet Aga, “Todays Left and Right – Are we becoming more central?” Middle East Economic Assocaiation – Famagusta, North Cyprus May 31st 2008

• Fehiman Eminer, Fatma Güven Lisaniler, “KKTC’de Özelleştirmenin Kadın İstihdamı Üzerindeki Etkisi”, EMU-CWS 4th International Conference on Women’s Studies, October 3-5, 2012 Famagusta.

• Fatma Güven Lisaniler, Fehiman Eminer, “Employment Impact Analysis of Privatisation: Evidence from Cyprus Turkish Airlines and Cyprus Turkish Petroleum”, 9th EBES Conference-Rome, 11-13 January 2013

• Eminer, F. (2015), “The Impact of Budget Deficit on Economic Growth In North Cyprus”, The 2015 WEI International Academic Conference Proceedings Vienna, Austria.

• Eminer, F. (2017), “The Impact of Economic Crisis on Private Health Spending: A comparison of High and Low Income Countries”, HEALTH ECONOMICS 17 International Conference on Health Economics, Management & Policy Proceedings, 24-25, 2017 Istanbul, Turkey.

• Eminer, F. (2017). “The Impact of Globalization on Public and Private Health Spending”, 3rd International Conference on “Economic and Social Impacts of Globalization”, 5-7 Ekim 2017, Antalya-Türkiye.

5. Other Publications

• Adebayo, Tomiwa Sunday and Awosusi, Abraham Ayobamiji and Eminer, Fehiman, Stock Market-Growth Relationship in an Emerging Economy: Empirical Finding from ARDL-Based Bounds and Causality Approaches (June 12, 2020). Journal of Economics and Business, Vol.3 No.2 (2020), Available at SSRN:

• Eminer, F. (2017), “Küreselleşme Sürecinde Değişen Vergi Politikalarının KKTC’ye Yansıması”, Researcher: Social Science Studies, 5(8): 111-127. ISSN 2148-2691.

• Senhaz, Z., Eminer, F. & Şafaklı, O. V. (2016), “The Comparative Advantage of North Cyprus in the Green Line Trade: Empirical Analysis during Periods of 2005- 2013”, Internatıonal Journal of Research in Commerce & Management, 7(11): 23-30. ISSN 0976-2183

• Demir, Murat ve Eminer Fehiman (2014), “Kredi Derecelendirme Kuruluşları Üzerine Düşünceler”, EUL Journal of Social Sciences,Volume V, Issue II: 96-114.

• Eminer Fehiman, Özyiğit, A. (2012), “Impact Of Structural Change And Human Capital Investment On Female Labor Force Participation Rates: A Cross-Country Analysis of the Middle East and North African Region”, EUL Journal of Social Sciences,Volume III, Issue I: 1-19.


G. Research Topics

1. Structural Adjustment Programmes and Government Budgets
Structural adjustment programs implemented by international organizations provide financial support to countries. These supports have effects on national economies and state budgets. Although these effects are positive at the beginning, they often cause countries to remain financially dependent on foreign sources in the long run. In addition, it may lead to the adoption of laws and decisions determined by foreign analysts that may be wrong for the country.

2. The impact of privatization on North Cyprus economy.
The privatization process started late in Northern Cyprus compared to the rest of the world. Although it is possible to explain this situation for different reasons, it is important to examine the economic effects of the privatization efforts, which have gained importance and accelerated today. It is especially important to examine the effects on macroeconomic indicators and the state budget.