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Assoc. Prof. Dr. İsmail Bahadır Turan

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences


Assoc. Prof. Dr. İsmail Bahadır Turan

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

A. Education

Programme University Degree Year
Department of Economics Ankara University Bachelor 1991
Economic Growth Theories and International Economics Gazi University Master’s 1999
Administrative Science Ankara University Doctorate 2017


B. Academic Titles

Title University  Scientific Field Year
Assistant Professor Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Political Science and International Relations 2021


C. Work Experience

Programme Position University Period
Political Science and International Relations Assistant Professor Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 2021- …


D. İdari Görevler / Administrative Positions

Programme Position University Period

(Administrative Science and Public Policies Research Center)

Director Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 2022-…


E. Publications

1. Publications listed under Web of Science (SSCI veya SCI-Expanded)

a. Administrative Science in National Socialism (Journal of Public Administration- on the publishing process)

2. Publications listed under Scopus

 3. Publications listed under ULAKBIM

a. The Formation of Public Personnel Regime in Austria During Construction Period of Capitalism and its Transformation Within the Context of New Public Management (SBF Journal-2017)

b. Absence of German Origins in the Wilsonian Public Administration: “Von Stein, Bluntschli and Hegel (SBF Journal-2019)

c. The Historical Development Of The Discipline Of Public Administratıon in Germany And Object Problem: Before And After Weimar Republic

(Memleket, Siyaset ve Yönetim Journal- on the publishing process)

4. Conference Publications

a. The History of German Federalism and the Origin of the Structural Problems. 3rd International CEO Congress (2021)

b. Transformation into Anomie State. The Example of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) 21st International Public Administration Form (KAYFOR 21) (2022)

c. Political Economy Of Cyprus: Origin Of The Insolvency The Future of the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey. International Symposium (2022)

 5. Other Publications


a. Cameralism and State Science. History of German Administrative Thought: From Cameral-Polizey Science to State Science. (Kameralismus und Staatswissenschaft. Geschichte des Deutschen Verwaltungswissenschaftsdenken. Von der Kameral-Polizeywissenschaft zur Staatswissenschaft.) Ankara: Orion Kitabevi 2020

b. From German Idealistic Philosophy to Realism Lorenz von Stein (1815-1890) Life and Works (Von der Deutschen Idealistischen Philosophie zur Wirklichkeitswissenschaft Lorenz von Stein (1815-1890) Leben und Werke) Ankara: Orion Kitabevi 2020

Book Chapter:

a. The Dark Side of Leadership. Paranoid Leadership: Paranoia in Public Administration Ankara: Orion Akademi 2022


F. Research Topics

Administrative Science (Verwaltungswissenschaft), State Science (Staatswissenschaft), Cameralism (Kameralwissenschaft), Polizey Science (Polizeywissenschaft), State Theories, Object Problems in the Discipline of Public Administration, Capitalism and Administration, Contemporary Administration Theories, History and Tradition of Turkish Administration, History of German Administrative Thought, German Federalism, Hegel, Fichte, Lorenz von Stein, Johann Caspar Bluntschli, Robert von Mohl, Ludwig Gumplowicz, Franz Oppenheimer