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Assist. Prof. Dr. İzzet Atalay

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences


Assist. Prof. Dr. İzzet Atalay

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

A. Education

Program University Degree Year
Business Eastern Mediterranean University Bachelor’s 1991
Business Eastern Mediterranean University Master’s 1993
Business Eastern Mediterranean University PhD 2021


B. Academic Titles

Title University Scientific Field Year
Assist. Prof. Dr. Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Human Resources / Management / Strategic Management 2021


C. Work Experience

Program Position University Period
Business Lecturer (Full Time) European University of Lefke 1993-1996
Business Lecturer (Part Time) Eastern Mediterranean University 2015-2018
Business Lecturer (Full Time) Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 2021 – now


D. Administrative Positions

Program Position University Period
Rectorate Human Resource Manager Cyprus International University 2001 – 2003
Rectorate Public Relations and Promotion Manager European University of Lefke 2003 – 2004
Business Deputy Head

Business Department

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 22.09.2022 – now
Business Deputy Director Vocational School Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 22.09.2022 – now


E. Supervised Thesis

1. Master’s Degree

Betty Miatta Kamara, Sophisticated Technology Software Impact In Human Resource Management Practices: A Literature Review Study (in progress)


F. Publications

 1. Publications listed under Web of Science (SSCI veya SCI-Expanded)

a. Atalay, I., & Tanova, C. (2021). Opportunity Entrepreneurship and Subjective Wellbeing: The Role of Psychological Functioning. Does individualism change this relationship? Applied Research in Quality of Life.

2. Conference Publications

a. 3rd International EMI Entrepreneurship & Social Sciences Congress, 28-30 June 2019, Nicosia, and presented the paper “The effect of motivational factors on entrepreneurship: Does uncertainty avoidance cultural value at the country level make a difference?”

b. 3rd “International CEO (Communication, Economics, Organization) Social Sciences Congress (CEO SSC)” Online, 24-25 December 2021, Alfred Nobel University, Dnipro, Ukraine, and presented the paper “Challenges and Opportunities in HRM during COVID-19 Pandemic.”

c. International Battalgazi Scientific Studies Congress, 28-29 January 2022, Malatya, Turkey, and presented the paper “How does Human Resource Management facilitate Mental Health of Employees at Workplace during COVID-19 pandemic?”

d. 5th International İzmir Economics and Business Administration Congress, 25-26 February 2022, İzmir, Turkey, and presented the paper “Employee Productivity, Engagement and Wellbeing during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Literature Review Approach.”

e. Middle East International Conference on Contemporary Scientific Studies, 3-4 March 2022, Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon, and presented the paper “Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health of Entrepreneurs: Burnout.”


3. Other Publications

a. Tanova, C. & Atalay, İ. (2021). Chapter 3: Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship in the World in Global ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Current Developments (1st Edition), Beta Publishing.


G. Research Topics

The main research topics which are studied by Assist. Prof. Dr. İzzet Atalay are:

a. Human Resources Management:

    1. Work-Life Balance – factors affecting the work and life balance of individuals working in different occupational groups.
    2. Mental health – factors affecting the quality of life and mental health of employees in organizations.
    3. Professional development for employees – Professional development of employees in institutions of various countries: A comparative study of public and private organizations in specific countries.
    4. Remote working – Covid-19 and remote working, the importance and effects of working remotely in large companies in globalization, the rising trend after the COVID-19 outbreak: The impact of working from home on remote working efficiency, engagement and stress of employees.
    5. Employee well-being – A comparative study of hedonic and eudaimonic wellbeings of opportunity and necessity entrepreneurs in individualistic countries
    6. Strategic agility (strategic thinking, flexibility and strategic adaptation) Embedding strategic agility: The impact of strategic agility in leadership to accelerate the preparation of the business model.
    7. The effect of organizational culture on competitive strategy and organizational performance in various organizations with diversified employees.