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Architecture Undergraduate Program

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Department of Architecture program aims to educate graduates who have the requirements of the profession of architecture, who encourage the architect candidates to learn, who have active participation, and who have advanced skills of relating, synthesizing, criticizing and interpreting. With its expert and experienced academic staff in various fields, program aims to train contemporary architects who have a say in the profession, are open to critical thinking, aware of social responsibility, and are sensitive to the environment and plan their creative ideas. For this purpose, Bahçeşehir Cyprus University’s architecture program has taken charge of itself to train contemporary and world-class architects with high knowledge and skills on subjects such as people, environment, history and culture by supporting them with workshops and field practices.

* Architecture is a worldwide protected profession. In order to be entitled to use the title “Architect” professional practice and registration with the Chamber of Architects is obligatory.

Architecture Undergraduate Program Curriculum

Within the scope of 4-year education, students of the department of architecture meet international standards; Technical and applied trainings are provided in areas such as the design, development, application, material and planning of all kinds of buildings that are sensitive to professional ethics and the environment.  In the first year of architectural education, the program provides to learn the basic principles of architecture such as materials, construction techniques, and architectural history and theory, as well as basic design criteria. They also have the chance to learn computer software programs that they will use in design development. During the third and fourth years, students develop design projects of increasing scale. Since the selected topics and fields of study have different purposes, students get the chance to improve their design development skills by doing research. In addition, they have the chance to adapt the designs to the existing environment and learn the principles of urban scale design. Within the scope of the architecture program, students who take elective courses in different fields of architecture starting from the second year and have the chance to enrich their knowledge are encouraged to discover their own personal skills and determine their path in professional life.

Program Learning Outcomes

On completion of the programme the student will be able to:

  1. Uses the conceptual/theoretical and practical knowledge and comprehension in architectural design, building and research.
  2. Apply critical thinking methods, identify, formulate, and effectively communicate the critical issues involved in the solution of design problems.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to recognize diversity of user needs, values, behavioral norms and of social patterns in local, regional, national and global scales, as they relate to the evolution/production of the built environment.
  4. Be able to adopt state of the art technologies and academic knowledge toward conceptualizing and solving design problems as they relate globally to social, cultural, environmental issues of architecture.
  5. Demonstrate competence in taking individual and/or collective responsibility in independent, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies.
  6. Be aware of the social responsibilities in terms of human rights and community interests and demonstrate personal sensitivity in social and physical quality of the built environments as well as conservation of the natural and cultural values.
  7. Be able to take responsibility for the sustainability of all natural and artificial sources.
  8. Be able to communicate conceptual and practical thoughts in the field of architecture using written, oral and visual media.
  9. Apply and integrate information and communication technology in design processes and products.
  10. Engage legal, ethical and aesthetical responsibility in the process of design and building.


Course evaluation consist of, midterm exam, quizzes homework/presentations and are reinforced with a comprehensive final exam at the end of the semester. Depending on course structure every beginning of each semester necessary course evaluation skills announced by the tutor with course syllabus.

Design and studio courses are evaluated by jury evaluations and project submissions. It is mandatory to make a presentation to the jury in design classes. And participation to the classes for all courses are mandatory.


The student must complete 8 design courses and other theory courses which are totally 240 ECTS.  Due to the nature of the architecture department, students have to complete the construction and office internships.  The success grade of the internships is determined as S ‘Satisfactory ‘ or U’ Unsatisfactory’. A minimum cumulative grade point average (CPA) of 2.0 is required. Thus, although ‘C-‘, ‘D+’ and ‘D‘ are PASS grades (conditionally pass), in order to achieve a CPA of 2.0, an average grade of ‘C’ is required.

What makes us different

The Department of Architecture, which facilitates within the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, aims to be a department that is sensitive to national universal problems, capable of analytical thinking, critical thinking, entrepreneurial, innovative, learning to reach, and use and share knowledge and aims to raise happy individuals who are aware of it.

The Department of Architecture educate individuals of the world citizens who have ethical values and adopt universal cultures. By adopting the Student oriented system, our department supports students in contributing to science through original research, reflecting universal developments and changes to the education system, using contemporary education methods, and solving problems.

On the further side of acquiring a profession, Bahçeşehir Architecture Department aims to educate creative individuals keeping the social responsibility and environmental awareness at the forefront, contemporary, innovative, respected, sensitive to social problems, having team spirit, considering the satisfaction of its employees.

How to apply to the Architecture study program

The application process for studying Architecture at BAU Cyprus is very easy. You can simply and safely share your personal information through our online application platform. After receiving a confirmation email with a link a copy of the following documents can be uploaded:

  • Passport or EU identity card
  • High school diploma certificate with transcript. Please also submit an official translation of the diploma and transcript into English if they are in another language.
  • University certificate with transcript (if applicable). Please also submit an official translation of the diploma and transcript into English if they are in another language.
  • English language test certificate
  • Portfolio PDF with a minimum of 10 works

Career opportunities

Students graduating from Bahçeşehir Cyprus University’s department of architecture can practice their profession by opening their own offices, as they are architects of international standards. In addition, our graduates have the knowledge to work in all units of government, municipality or private institutions related to the building and design environment. Cultural heritage, conservation and restoration are among the fields in which graduates can work.  Four-year education program provides opportunity to our graduates to compete at the forefront of their working life in all areas related to the construction industry.

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