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Social Work Program

The Department of Social Work is a practice-oriented field that aims to positively contribute to social change and to increase well-being of individual and society. Values ​​such as social justice, responsibility towards the individual and society, respect for diversity and human rights form the basis of the department. Social workers bring individuals and social institutions together to improve welfare. The Department of Social Work prepares students with a strong theoretical background by using interdisciplinary approaches, making use of fields such as psychology, sociology, public health, law, and social policy. Therefore, the department aims to train students who can contribute to the welfare of society by using scientific approaches and practices. In this context, the aim of the Department of Social Work is to train students so that they can contribute to public health and social justice by employing the policies of social institutions in a qualified way.

Social Work Program curriculum

In the first two years, in addition to the basic social work courses, our students will take complementary courses such as sociology, psychology, philosophy, which are necessary to better understand and assimilate social work. With the third year, the courses related to the professional, theoretical and ethical dimensions of social work will be intensified and the field will be started with the internship. In addition, in the third year, students will be able to choose the elective courses related to the areas of social work they are more interested in, and they will have the opportunity to meet different disciplines with general electives. In the third and fourth-grade curriculum with the courses such as social work with families, forensic social work, ethics in social work, and social work with children, students will master the theoretical dimension of social work, while learning to conduct scientific research with research techniques courses, they will combine theory and practice. In order to graduate from the Social Work undergraduate program, students are required to do an internship in an appropriate field. During the last semester, students apply and deepen their acquired skills by completing a bachelor thesis with a topic of their own choice.

Program Learning Outcomes

On completion of the program the student will be able to:

  1. Able to be professional and ethical and identify with the social work profession.
  2. Use critical thinking abilities in the context of practicing social work professionally.
  3. Hone your interdisciplinary collaboration abilities.
  4. Focus on the person-in-environment interaction, life-span development, and the interactions between biological, psychological, sociostructurally, economic, political, cultural, and spiritual factors in shaping human development and behavior as you analyze human behavior and development in relation to the social environment.
  5. Plan, organize, develop and evaluate social welfare, and empowerment programs.
  6. Research and develop social policies
  7. Participate in activities that encourage continuing professional development and lifelong learning.
  8. Effectively use supervision to advance their social work practice and personal development.

Use research to inform practice, assess and understand problems on a local and national level and develop readiness for collaboration with academic and research centers of other countries.


Course assessment usually comprises a comprehensive final exam and continuous assessment.

Continuous assessment can include amongst others, mid-terms, projects, and class participation.

Letter grades are calculated based on the weight of the final exam and the continuous assessment and the actual numerical marks obtained in these two assessment components. Based on the course grades the student’s semester grade point average (GPA) and cumulative point average (CPA) are calculated.


In order to graduate from the Social Work Undergraduate program, students must complete a 300 ECTS during their 4-year education period. In order to graduate from the Social Work undergraduate program, students are required to do an internship in a suitable field for 20 working days in their third-year summer internship and 40 working days in their semester internship. A minimum cumulative grade point average (CPA) of 2.0 is required. Thus, although a ‘D-‘is a PASS grade, in order to achieve a CPA of 2.0 an average grade of ‘C’ is required.

What makes us different

One of the features that will make the Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Social Work Undergraduate Program different from other programs is that it will be included in the BAU Global Education Network. Within the scope of the BAU Global Education Network, there are hundreds of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in various fields such as arts, architecture, social sciences, physical sciences, health sciences, and law. Students can spend a semester, a year, or two on another campus, and even take advantage of dual degree opportunities. The exchange of administrative and academic staff is possible between universities in the education network. Equivalence can be established between the curricula. Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Social Work Undergraduate Program students will also have the opportunity to get an education and create a career that will create a difference and superiority for them by integrating into this system.

How to apply to the Social Work study program

The application process for studying Social Work at BAU Cyprus is very easy. You can simply and safely share your personal information through our online application platform. After receiving a confirmation email with a link a copy of the following documents can be uploaded:


  • Passport or EU identity card
  • High school diploma certificate with transcript. Please also submit an official translation of the diploma and transcript into English if they are in another language.
  • University certificate with transcript (if applicable). Please also submit an official translation of the diploma and transcript into English if they are in another language.
  • English language test certificate
  • Portfolio PDF with a minimum of 10 works

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Social Work Undergraduate Program will receive the title of “Social Worker “.

Demand for social workers in TRNC, Turkey and the world is very high. The ever-expanding sectoral conditions bring along the increasing staff deficits in the public and private sectors.

When we look at the areas where Social Work graduates can work, it is seen that a wide employment area is opened for those working in this field in the public and private sectors. First of all, there is an increasing need for trained personnel for social workers in institutions affiliated to ministries such as the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Health, National Education and Justice, as well as in other public institutions such as municipalities and universities. Our graduates will have a chance to work as social workers in various fields when we look at the private sector, hospitals and private education institutions, nursing homes, clinics and kindergartens, non-governmental organizations and institutions for women, children, the disabled and the elderly constitute the preferred business areas to work.

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