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Tourism and Hotel Management

The Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management program offered in BAU Cyprus is designed to equip students with the fundamental understanding, practical and professional skills and ability to manage the travel, tourism and hotel operations. Students in this program embark on an active learning journey that combines challenging academic projects, applied management and operational training classes taught by faculty members with experience in the industry. We endeavour to develop and equip students with the ability to think critically, to uphold values in relation to the role they play in the community as professional contributors to the sector, and to educate them to be responsible citizens in the global world in which they live. Furthermore, our students learn, investigate and develop in a committed and encouraging atmosphere that provides individual care and counselling and encourages respect for one another.

Program Curriculum

The program curriculum, which is taught across eight academic semesters and includes two professional internships, provides a unique immersion in the dynamic sector. The curriculum comprises some of the following topics: Travel Tour Operations; Crisis Management for Tourism and Hospitality Management; World Travel Destinations; Introduction to Gastronomy; Innovative Management; Front Office & House Keeping Operation; Language for Tourism; Communication Skills for Tourism and Event Management. The first year of the BSc. Tourism and Hotel Management degree program provides students with a basic foundation and understanding of the business in an environment defined by excellence, student achievement, and industry experienced teachers. The second year focuses on the courses that define and shape the industry (Travel, Tourism & Hotel Management). In the third year of study, students have the chance to apply their obtained theoretical knowledge to the industry. Work experience is offered in recognized hotels, travel, and tour companies to help students gain practical experience. The final year of study focuses on management concepts and methods, which are closely tied to the hospitality sector.

Program Learning Outcomes

On completion of the programme the student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate ability to perform basic and supervisory level job functions in the tourism and hospitality career and industry.
2. Apply the concepts and skills necessary to achieve guest satisfaction.
3. Demonstrate professionalism, uphold ethical standards and adhere to work ethics as set forth by the industry.
4. Communicate effectively and confidently in the workplace.
5. Effectively use the acquired knowledge and skills toward problem solving, creative and critical thinking, reflection and decision making.
6. Apply the fundamental principles of leadership as well as model effective leadership behaviour.
7. Recognise and apply business skills pertinent to the industry operational areas.
8. Analyse ethical and diverse issues that concern the tourism and hospitality sector.
9. Demonstrate an understanding and advanced knowledge of the profession, and role of the hotelier or tourism administrator and any other operations related areas.
10. Confidently and effectively apply managerial skills in the travel, tourism and hospitality related settings.
11. Boldy apply the relevant practical skills in the industry
12. Students should be able to work independently and or in a group setting, as well as assume leadership and teamwork roles in various contexts.


Academic training includes practical work experience, coursework projects, and contact with the industry through internships.  Ongoing evaluations achieved through, class presentation quizzes, participation, projects, mid-term and final exams form the assessment criteria of the program. Letter grades calculated on the weight of the ongoing class evaluations and final exam as well as the numerical mark obtained in the mode of assessment will be used. Based on the course marks, the student’s semester grade point average (GPA) and cumulative point average (CPA) are calculated.


The student is required to fulfil all program prerequisites as well as attain 240 ECTS. The required cumulative grade point average (CPA) is 2.0. Therefore, even if a “D-” is a PASS grade, a “C” on average is needed to have a CPA of 2.0.


What makes us different

By virtue of its strong relationships with industry and the private sector, the BAU Cyprus School of Tourism and Hotel Management provides its students with cutting-edge knowledge and work experience through advanced summer internship programs.
When you join the School of Tourism and Hotel Management in BAU Cyprus you join the BAU Global Network.
We blend local and international models of tourism and hotel management education and training with hands-on learning, exciting internships and insightful industry visits.
Our academic portfolio is constantly updated and expanded to cover the appropriate disciplines.
Qualified individuals with industrial experience make up our faculty.

How to apply

The application process for studying Tourism and Hotel Management at BAU Cyprus is very easy. You can simply and safely share your personal information through our online application platform. After receiving a confirmation email with a link a copy of the following documents can be uploaded:

  • Passport or EU identity card
  • High school diploma certificate with transcript. Please also submit an official translation of the diploma and transcript into English if they are in another language.
  • University certificate with transcript (if applicable). Please also submit an official translation of the diploma and transcript into English if they are in another language.
  • English language test certificate
  • Portfolio PDF with a minimum of 10 works

For more information, please use the menu item Admission or the link could be used to reach the Admissions page.

Career Opportunities

The numerous subjects of study provide students with a solid foundation in Hotel Front Office Management, Tourism Administration, Tour Operation and Management. Upon successful completion of the degree, students have the opportunity to work as:


Hotel Manager
Event Specialist in Hotel and Tourism sector
Food & Beverage sector
Travel Agency Manager
Tour Operator Management
Tour/Courier Guiding
Safari Companies
Airline and Airport Administration

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