One of the greatest geniuses of the 19th century in the field of social sciences was Lorenz von Stein. Being the first study in Turkish literature about Stein, this publication has examined his life and works in detail. Stein has not been the subject of history. On the contrary, it seems to have his power in the period we live in, just as it was a source of inspiration for American administration thought towards the 20th century. Therefore, with this book which is published by Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Administrative Sciences and Public Policies Research Center (ASPP), a new window has been opened with a wide perspective for the experts who do not have the ability to read in German and those who are interested in thinking about the state.

“From German Idealist Philosophy to Science of Reality – Lorenz von Stein (1815-1890) -Life and Works”, published in June 2022 with the presentation of Prof. Dr. Birgül Ayman Güler, can be bought through well-known online sales channels such as Orion, Amazon and Kitapyurdu.