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The Honorary Doctorate title is presented to İsmail Ölmez, by Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Senate

Bahcesehir Cyprus University Senate awarded İsmail Ölmez an Honorary Doctorate in Political Science and International Relations upon the recommendation of the faculty and based on the authority given to him.

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Toycan presented İsmail Ölmez an Honorary Doctorate Certificate for his important support to our country and to Education.

During the presentation, BAU Cyprus Senate Members Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Toycan, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Bülent Evre, Advisor of Rector Assist. Prof. Dr. Banu Numan Uyal, Faculty Dean of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Veclal Gündüz, Deputy of General Secretary and International Office Director Nüket Tanol were present.

Rector Prof. Meymet Toycan said that, “Ismail Ölmez has been serving as the Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Turkey since 2012 in the Kingdom of Eswantini, located in the south of the African continent. He is also an important business person. Mr. İsmail Ölmez supports the students who want to come to the island to study in the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by creating an opportunity to receive education. He also stated that he represents our institution in the best way by conveying accurate information about the education quality of our island and our university.

İsmail Ölmez conveyed his thanks to the BAU Cyprus Rector and all Senate members during the presentation and stated that the TRNC has an important place for him and that he is always ready for support and cooperation with Bahçeşehir Cyprus University.

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